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Just some stuff that I've written This blog is not extremely active as I do not write a ton; however, I will update whenever I write something. I write a lot of LGBT stuff, so if you're not interested in that, you're probably not interested in this blog.
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“Your voice is the chicken soup for my cold
when the sniffles are only in my head
and the coughs can’t get past my heart.”

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“…And you better never text me
while I’m connected to a heart rate monitor,
‘cause I’m not completely sure what goes on in there
but I know the doctors wouldn’t be too thrilled about it.”

tiny excerpt from a much longer poem I wrote which consisted of 2/3 thoughts relating to my boyfriend and 1/3 complete and total brain farts

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From Various Areas of my Cluttered Mind

In a mind twice as cluttered as my bedroom,
there’s a brightly-lit back corner titled
“safety and love”
containing a recording of your voice,
an air-pressure can full of the smell of your clothes,
a skin-covered mechanic arm
which almost feels like you when it
hugs me.
I sleep soundly at night and you’re
so rarely in my dreams –
I’ve come to prefer staying awake.
The sunrise has a reputation of being beautiful;
I’ve always been more of a lightning guy myself.
You might not occur by the turning of the earth
or the anger of the clouds,
but the earth stopped spinning and the
dark clouds cleared from my mind
when you smiled and said you loved me.
It pains me when you say you’re okay,
when I look into your eyes and know you’re not.
Sometimes I feel like I might as well stop breathing,
like anything the world has in store
would get on just as well without me.
Then you tell me I make you feel safe,
and I see that I don’t need to feed every child in Africa
to do something that makes the world
a better place.
Your hand traces my body and each point it touches
comes to life,
becomes real in a way it never was before.
Waking up next to you in the morning
leaves me confused about when I reached heaven;
I hate to say goodbye
but I know it won’t be long before
we meet again.

The one last soft kiss
and whispers of unexplainable love
hold me gently through the night
until I wake to face the morning alone.

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You said you loved me
and I asked you why.
You laughed and said
“you know,”
and that’s how I knew
you didn’t.

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A Bad Story

        Peter woke up. His wife was not in bed next to him. “Where are you?” he asked. He thought she was in the shower. She did not answer. She was not in the shower.
        He got out of bed and went downstairs. His wife was sitting at the kitchen table. “Hi,” he said. “Hello,” she said. “How are you?” he asked. “Fine,” she said. “You weren’t home last night,” he said. She pointed at an elephant-sized suitcase in the corner of the room. “I’m leaving you” she said. Peter sat down. “Why?” he asked. “I’ve always been sweet as sugar to you. I thought we were rock solid.”
        “It’s not you, it’s me,” she said. “I’m dating your best friend,” she said. Peter said, “How long?” She said, “Since our second date.” She jumped up like a kangaroo. “I’m leaving now. I’m taking the kids.”
        “No,” Peter said.
        “Sorry,” his wife said, “Bye.”
        She walked out the door. Peter felt like there was a hole in his heart. He made some coffee. He drank his coffee. He wondered what he would tell his family.

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How to Accidentally Become a Loner: A Guide by Me

  • Smile and wave, but do not approach
  • Tell yourself that if they wanted to talk to you, they’d walk over and start a conversation.
  • Stay separate but there so that you’re not in the way, but noticeable if someone chooses to notice.
  • Tell everyone how much you hate everything. No one thinks it’s as sarcastic and funny as you do.
  • Sit at empty tables and become visibly upset when no one joins you.
  • Upon acting outgoing and making friends, suddenly decide that you’re being too loud and annoying. To remedy the situation, stand in a corner or against the wall, completely out of the way.
  • If someone says that they’re your friend, look directly at them and ask “why?” If they give you a legitimate answer, tell them they’re wrong.
  • When the going gets tough, leave.
  • Have good conversational skills but never start conversations.
  • If someone asks you to join their group, say “no” in the hopes that they’ll insist. If they don’t insist, tell yourself that it’s because they never actually wanted you to join.
  • Have a mental list ready of the things which prove to you that your friends don’t want you around, despite their persistent claims otherwise.
  • Repeat the previously stated steps until you realize that they do not help you make friends, but find yourself incapable of stopping. Success.

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It’s been years since I’ve thought that
we could be friends again.
Years since I’ve been angry,
years since you’ve been on the list of
“Ex-Best-Friends Whose
Names I Write All Over My Notebooks
For Some Inexplicable Reason.”
It’s been years since I thought
that maybe you missed me, somewhat.
It’s been years, and a lot has changed.
I wonder when was the last time
you said my name,
or thought it.
I wonder if you heard of
“The new boy who used to be a girl”
And decided to tell people
That we were best friends
“Back when he was a she.”
I wonder, I wonder.
I wonder what you think when we
Pass in the hallway.
I wondered if you knew me;
I know that you knew me.
I wonder, I wonder,
What you think, if you notice.

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